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Volkswagen Brake Service

Volkswagen brakes are designed to make you stop. Using the correct “friction” material when having your brakes serviced will insure you stop short every time. At Peak Auto in the Cary Apex NC area we believe that German engineers have decided that there is a correct match between softness of the rotor and hardness for the pad to make your Volkswagen brakes work right. When completing a brake service on a Volkswagen at Peak Auto, we always replace the pads, rotors, and brake pad sensors (if sensors are required).

The rotors on German vehicles are not made to be “turned” or re-surfaced. The brake rotors on your Volkswagen are made soft metal to maximize friction in order to stop shorter. At the end of your brake pad life, when the thickness will measure less than 4 mm, you can run your finger along the rotor and feel a ridge at the outside. That is the amount the rotor worn-out during its life.

The brake pad sensors are a one time use item as well. They do a great job alerting the driver of either, how much pad life is left, or the brakes just need to be replaced.

Greasing the slides: At Peak Auto we use two types of lubricant on the braking system while performing a brake service. When replacing the brake pads on your V W, the remaining parts in the brake caliper are cleaned and moving parts are lubricated with a silicone lubricant that will not wash away during your first drive in the rain. The back of the pad gets a separate lubricant with a ceramic-solids base to eliminate brake chatter. The combination of the cleaning and two lubricants assures the driver of smooth, no squeal, quick stops.

Volkswagen Brake Service Cary NCVW Brake Service Cary NC

New brakes should not squeal or cause a vibration. At Peak Auto in the Cary Apex NC area we specialize in German manufactured and engineered brake parts for your Volkswagen. 

Be assured that your brakes will be replaced and serviced right the first time at Peak Auto in the Cary NC area. We use only OEM parts for your Volkswagen and guarantee you satisfaction. At Peak Auto located next tot the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US-64 West in Apex.