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Volvo Brakes

Volvo brakes are what make you stop. Call on Peak Auto next to the Cary Auto Mall to have your Saab brakes checked, serviced, and replaced. Volvo brakes should not squeak, squeal, or vibrate. At Peak Auto we check your brakes by listening and feeling for brake noise and pulsation. Brakes pulsate when the brake rotors are either warped or have developed hot spots on the surface. If your brakes cause the steering wheel to shake then you front brake rotors are most likely damaged.

Volvo Brake Service Cary NC

At Peak Auto we measure each brake pad thickness as part of our brake check. We take to time to document how much time you have left on your brakes. When brake pads are new, they measure 12 mm, as they are used they become thinner. When they reach a thickness of 3 mm, it is time to replace your brake pads.

When completing a brake service at Peak Auto we clean the moving parts inside the brake calipers and then use two types of German lubricants to grease the slides and cushion any metal to metal contact points. Call on Peak Auto for your Volvo brakes and be assured you will stop smoothly and quietly rain or shine.