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Volvo Cooling System Service and Repair

Volvo Cooling System Service and Repair in the Cary NC area at Peak Auto. Coolant leaks, water pump malfunctions, radiator, coolant reservoirs, lack of heat in the cabin, and a lot lot more issues are dealt with on Volvo’s at Peak Auto. It is recommended that you flush your cooling system every three years on your Volvo. However, when your timing belt and water pump are replaced, your coolant will also be replaced at no additional charge at Peak Auto. Keeping your coolant fresh and clean will also help protect important parts in your cooling system form corroding or failing.

If you have a coolant leak it can be from a number of different areas, head gasket, radiator, coolant hose, thermostat, and water pump are the most common on your Volvo. Coolant does not evaporate or get used up in the normal function of your engine, so if you have low coolant, than chances are it is leaking somewhere. At Peak Auto we can pressure check your coolant system to help diagnose and pinpoint any leaks. Sometimes, this is all you see or don’t see anything at all.

Volvo Coolant leak Cary NC

Coolant leaks can happen any time of the years, they can be more pronounced in the cooler months. A gasket that is starting to fail in the fall will go when the temperature drops. On the opposite side of the weather scales, a coolant hose that has oil contamination on it do to an oil leak can blow when it gets really really hot here in Cary NC during the summer.