Meet PJ: PJ drives a BMW 335i convertible and lives in Apex NC. PJ first came to Peak Auto, in December of last year for a proper BMW alignment and recently dropped of his BMW 335i for a coolant leak. PJ drove by about a month ago because his low coolant light was on. Peak Auto topped off his coolant and explained to PJ that if the coolant level light came on again, that the technician would have to complete a pressure check on the system to find a leak.

BMW coolant systems are under a lot of pressure and they do not loose coolant during normal operation. Some Japanese and American cars use an overflow tank, but the Germans use a coolant reservoir which works in conjunction with the radiator to hold pressure in the system instead of just catching coolant in an over flow tank when the system gets hot.  Point being that in an Asian or American car it could be quite normal to add coolant every 6 months or so, but on German and other European vehicles coolant levels should always remain constant.

When PJ dropped off his BMW 335i for a pressure check on his coolant system, he also asked if Peak Auto could look into a strange noise that happens between 60 and 70 mph. The noise is a humming noise coming from somewhere in the cabin. Peak Auto’s highly trained technician was able to identify the coolant leak that was coming from the radiator. The noise however was a little bit more hard to place. Peak Auto utilized its team in problem solving to try to identifying the noise only to find disagreement as to where the noise was coming from and the cause. Eventually Peak Auto taped up the seems in the hard top convertible to try and eliminate the noise.  After a few test drives and with no success, taping up the trunk seams was the last resort. This seemed to partially solve the issue. PJ was anxious to get his vehicle back after  the radiator replacement so Peak Auto washed and cleaned his BMW 335i, cleaned and treated the rubber gaskets in the trunk, then taped up the trunk seams again and let PJ drive the vehicle to find out if he felt the noise has subsided.

PJ called Peak Auto the next week ecstatic at the breakthrough in sound quality as a result of Peak Auto’s efforts. Peak Auto and PJ are still working on the solution but we are getting closer to solving the noise mystery. PJ is very happy with the attention to his noise issue and wrote a great Five Star Google Review!

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