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Debris and metal shards pollute your vehicle’s transmission fluid over time. As a result, regular maintenance is needed to keep your car’s transmission reliable. By maintaining your transmission at regular intervals, you may avoid costly problems.

Friction and heat generated from your car during operation causes a lot of wear and tear in the transmission. If you detect a problem with your transmission, it’s better to address it as soon as possible. What might appear to be a modest fix now might turn into a costly replacement later.

To achieve the smooth and enjoyable ride you want from your car, it is necessary that your transmission is in good shape. Problems in the transmission are not just common, but also one of the most dangerous. If you don’t fix a transmission problem right away, your vehicle may, over time, become completely inoperable.

Peak Auto Inc. is a leading company in transmission repair and maintenance for different car types in the Apex area. We provide comprehensive transmission maintenance and repairs for well-known brands. We’re the go-to place for car owners in and around Apex, North Carolina.

European Auto Transmission Repair

Your Transmission Specialists

At Peak Auto our certified technicians specialize in transmission services and repairs for all models of:

Domestic Vehicles

Each make and model has its unique set of service requirements, and our ASE-certified mechanics are familiar with all of them. We make use of modern and digital tools to provide clients with the most comprehensive maintenance experience possible. We can give you a complete view of your vehicle’s overall health and the services that are required. We think that our clients should be able to get the most out of their vehicles, which is why we’re determined to be your one-stop shop for transmission repairs.

Servicing All Transmission Types

No matter what type of transmission your vehicle has, proper maintenance & services are key to preventing long-term issues or damages that impact your car’s overall performance. At Peak Auto we keep our shop fully equipped with the tools & equipment needed to service:

  • Automatic Transmissions
  • CV Transmissions (continuously variable transmission)
  • ASM Transmissions (automatic/manual hybrid)

Each type of transmission has unique service needs & requirements and our team has the experience needed to keep everything working properly. On higher service needs like with ASMTs, our team works diligently to keep up with maintenance programs to prevent longer service times or more expensive visits.

Typical Transmission Issues

The following are some transmission problems that you may encounter in your vehicle:

  • Clunking sounds
  • Low amounts of fluid
  • Burning smells
  • Grinding when shifting
  • Not shifting into gear
  • Fluid leaks
  • Noise in the transmission when the car is in neutral
  • The car shifts out of gear
  • The check engine light remains illuminated

While a number of issues could emerge, our mechanics have seen it all and know how to effectively fix any problem.

While fixing your car’s transmission, we may provide the following services:

  • Transmission Repair & Service
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Driveshaft and U-Joint Repair
  • Flywheel Repair and Replacement
  • Axle Repair and Replacement
  • Differential Diagnosis and Servicing

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If your transmission is having issues or you’d like to schedule an appointment for your vehicle, please contact or visit our shop right away. Our experts are here to ensure that you receive the maintenance your car requires at any time.

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