Meet Aubrey: Aubrey’s father drives a BMW and has been a loyal customer of Peak Auto since 2007. He recently moved north and we miss him and servicing his vehicles. Aubrey came to Peak in 2016, on this last visit she dropped off her Mazda for an oil change and brake inspection.

During the routine oil change service Peak Auto’s highly trained technician drain the oil, replaced the oil filter, refilled the oil and reset the service light. Additionally our technician performed a detailed 50 point inspection of the vehicle including, check belts and hoses, check for any oil, coolant or other fluid leaks, top off fluids, and check suspension components.

During the brake inspection our expert technician test drove the vehicle, removed the vehicle’s wheels, measured the brake pad thickness, looked for sings of discoloration on the rotors, checked for any leaks and wrote up his findings.

The oil and filter were replaced in here Mazda and we called her to inform her that here brake pads had worn down to a minimum thickness of 3mm. She gave us approval to replace the brake pads and rotors, we completed the service, had her vehicle washed and she was able to pick up her Mazda that afternoon.

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