Meet Cierra: Cierra drives an Audi Q7 and first came to Peak Auto a few months ago to replace her head light bulbs. Cierra brought her AUDI Q7 back last month because of a gas smell. Peak Auto’s expert technician diagnosed the issue and Peak Auto informed Cierra that the issue with her Q7 was covered under and Audi re-call and that the Audi dealer would repair her fuel tank for free.

After Cierra’s trip to the dealer, she noticed that the ABS light was on and he MMI system was not working. The dealer told her that these things had nothing to do with the repair of her fuel tank and that the cost to fix the issues would be over $7,000.

Cierra called Peak Auto, located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex, NC for advise and to make an appointment to figure out what was going on with her Audi Q7. Peak Auto provided Cierra with a loaner vehicle and went to work to find out what was going on. The ABS light was caused by a burnt out ABS pump and the MMI (communication center) was not working due to the satellite radio module being shorted out. I called Cierra and asked if she even used satellite radio in her Audi Q7 and she said she never did. Peak Auto’s technician was able to bypass the satellite radio by installing a fiber-optic loop. Peak Auto was also able to get a used ABS pump to fix her ABS system and turn the light off.

Cierra was so pleased she left an amazing FIVE STAR GOOGLE review

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