Meet Roman: Roman drives an Audi S4, Audi TT, and Kia Forte. Roman and his family (mother, father, and brother) have all been visiting Peak Auto for their vehicle service and repairs needs since Peak Auto opened in 2008. Over the years Peak Auto has replaced timing belts, water-pumps, brakes, oil and filter changes, and just about everything under the sun to keep Roman’s cars and his family’s cars on the road and in tip top reliable condition.

The relationship that Peak Auto develops with its customer is long term and is is focused on the needs of the driver. Over the past ten years, Peak Auto’s relationship with Roman has been extremely beneficial to Peak Auto, not only servicing his vehicles but helping understand special needs of a high performance driver and the extra wear and tear they enjoy putting on their vehicles.

When Roman picked-up his Audi S4, it was enjoyable to have a worm smiling face stare back and hear thank-yous thrown back and forth. The appreciation between Peak Auto and its customers is a two way street. and is the definition of reciprocal. Read Roman’s actual Google Five Star Review!

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