An oil change in Cary NC for your car, SUV, or minivan can be quite confusing. I have driven by places that say 5 minute oil change. Just when I had though I had seen it all. I can’t wait to see 5 minute dental cleaning or a minute haircut. In our North Carolina life we are accustomed to getting everything we want, but somethings just take time. One of the other misleading advertisements out there is one price for all. Yeah, $19.95 for an oil change, we may not replace your filter, but the oil will be new. It may not be the right type of oil, but who cares right? Of course we care at Peak Auto and would never try to put you or your vehicle in a one-size-fits-all box.

Your vehicle is probably one of your biggest investments and you rely on it for transportation to and from school, work, and the grocery store. If it is not reliable, your day or week can be ruined. At Peak Auto, located on US 64 W. right next to the Cary Auto Mall, we take the time to do it right, every time. Each car make has a different oil weight or viscosity that it likes to use. From 0W20 on up to 10w60. The W stands for winter of all things and the second number refers to the viscosity at normal operating temperature or 212 degrees F. There is more to the puzzle, Synthetic vs. conventional oil as well as additive packages which keep the oil from foaming and doing other harmful things to your engine. It used to be you could just put 5W30 in every Toyota or 5W20 in every Honda. Gone are those simple days.

Don’t blame the auto manufacturers. All of us in our society demand cleaner air, better fuel economy, and more power. In order to achieve all these things simultaneously, there have been greater demands put on car engines. Direct inject fuel, variable valve timing, and the ability to heat up quicker. Engine pollute much much more when cold. Getting an engine to heat up quickly puts a lot of strain on different systems. Any strain on the engine affects the oil and life of that oil. The new direct inject fuel systems have increased the combustion chamber compression, add to this forced air or a turbo and now there is a lot of blow-by the piston rings. This means that exhaust gases are forced into the oil and thus adding contaminants just by driving your car. More strain on the oil, use better oil, change oil more often. So we are saving at the pump but spending this money at the garage.

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