The great debate over who makes the best A/C system for vehicles is not too difficult to end. If you have ever travel to Europe in the summer and have stayed at a hotel that claims to have A/C, you probably experienced a lack of comfort when the temperature went above 90 degrees. My wife and I have experienced this all too often, and try to plan our vacation trips to the other side of the pond in the spring or early Fall to avoid the unpleasantness of a hot hotel room.

Cars can be the same. In the early 1980’s BMW US complained to BMW AG that the A/C systems were just not blowing cold enough. After response after response from the Germans that , “this is not possible,” the American executives invited the powers to be from Germany to a visit to Texas in August. After a couple of long hot humid days, the Germans admitted they could do better.

The US invented air conditioning, so it is only natural that we make the best car air conditioners. Japanese manufacturers used american A/C parts or at least started to manufacturer A/C compressors for American automobile manufacturers and picked-up our technology that way. So, by comparison, the Americans are the best with car A/C’s, Asians take second, and the German manufacturers struggle for good A/C.

At Peak Auto, conveniently located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 W. in Apex, we enjoy fixing all types of vehicle’s A/C systems. The systems are all pretty much the same in tat the all have an A/C compressor, evaporator, filter (dryer), condenser, and Freon (R134 gas). Hybrid and electric vehicles use electric compressors which do not have oil in them and some of the new American vehicles use a gas R1234yf. If your A/C does not blow cold or does not blow cold enough, schedule an A/C performance check at Peak Auto today!.


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