Meet Bill: Bill’s wife drives a Mazda  Miata and originally came to Peak Auto with a check engine light diagnosis as well as a driving noise coming from a wheel at 40 mph. The check engine light was on due to a thermostat that would not close all the way, hence not letting the engine heat up to normal operating temperature. The driving noise was due to a bad wheel bearing. Peak Auto gave Bill a quote, repaired these issues in a timely manner, then washed Bill’s wife’s car, and arranged for them to pick up their little red roadster.

Bill’s last visit was a routine 90,000 mile service. Spark plugs, oil and filter change, and engine air filter were replaced. As part of Peak Auto’s normal service our expert technicians perform a thorough 50 point inspection. At this visit the technician noticed the sway bar link boots were cracked, We informed Bill, received his approval, and replaced the links.

At Peak Auto we have a mix of new and long term customers. Bill and his wife are new to Peak Auto and we appreciate their business and the wonderful words they say about us. Check out Bill’s actual review:

Bill’s Review 

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