Meet Rob: Rob drives a BMW 328i and first came to Peak Auto a month ago for a dead battery issue and recently came back to Peak Auto for a intermittent crank no start issue. Battery replacement in BMW’s can be a bit confusing since the car requires the installer to register (or program) the battery to the vehicle. What does this mean and why is it important? The BMW vehicle computers are extremely sophisticated and they monitor how the car battery is charged in order to make sure they do not under or over charge. This system does work and the BMW batteries tend to last a very long time compared to other vehicle manufacturers. It does cost more when replacing a battery in your BMW but you should have to do it less often.

Rob recently was able to get his BMW 328i started and brought it to Peak Auto to diagnose why it wouldn’t start sometimes. Peak Auto’s expert technician tested and and diagnosed Rob’s BMW and found that the eccentric shaft sensor was failing. The eccentric shaft is responsible for letting air into the engine, similar to a throttle-body. The BMW computer could not determine at what position the eccentric shaft was in order to verify the amount of air that would be burnt, so it would not let the vehicle start.

After replacing the eccentric shaft sensor in Rob’s BMW, Peak Auto tested the car out, had the vehicle cleaned and washed, and Peak Auto called Rob to let him know his BMW 328i was ready to be picked-up. Rob was very pleased with Peak Auto and the detailed work they performed on his BMW and wrote this great 5 Star Google Review.

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