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BMW 328i Repair Holly Springs

Meet Jennifer: Jennifer lives in Holly Springs and her son drives a BMW 328i: Jennifer brought her son’s BMW 328i to Peak Auto for a Service Engine Soon Light on the dash (check engine light). The BMW also had a terrible noise coming from the exhaust. Peak Auto specializes in BMW repair and service and is rated as the Number 1 dealer alternative in the Cary, Apex, and Holly Springs area. In fact Peak Auto has a lot of customers who bring there BMW and Mini Cooper vehicle all the way from Fayetteville for proper service and repairs.


After Jennifer and her son dropped off their BMW 328i for the Service engine soon diagnosis they were provided, at no charge, with a loaner vehicle. Peak Auto’s expert BMW technician diagnosed the Service Engine Soon light as the vehicle needing a high pressure fuel pump, the exhaust rattle was a loose vacuum valve at the exhaust tip, and also noted that the BMW was due for a oil and filter service. The exhaust rattle could be repaired quite easily with a repair spring provided from the BMW dealer.  Peak Auto uses the same high quality Synthetic oil as the BMW Dealer which is made by Pennzoil (Shell) using natural gas. The additive package in the synthetic oil is of the highest quality and is the best for all direct inject European vehicle. 


After looking over and diagnosing the BMW 328i, Peak Auto called Jennifer about her son’s BMW and explained the reason for the Service Engine Soon Light being on, the solution to fix this issue as well as the cost. The exhaust rattle fix and and recommendation for the BMW Synthetic Oil and filter change were discussed and Jennifer gave approval for  the repairs. The parts were ordered, the repairs and service were completed, the vehicle wash washed and cleaned, and Jennifer was notified that the vehicle was ready to be picked up. Jennifer was extremely pleased with the attention, service and care she received from Peak Auto and left a great Google Five Star Review!


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