Yes all Caps. NEW BMW MOTOR OIL. This is BIG! BMW has ended its long long time relationship with Castrol and has switched it’s engine oil to Shell/Pennzoil. Shell is the parent company of Pennzoil a few years ago their scientists developed a process to convert natural gas in synthetic motor oil. First produced in Shell’s Qatar refinery, is now readily available around the world. Wow, is all I can say. What is next natural gas to gasoline?

Yes, Siluria has engineered a way to convert natural gas into gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel at a lower cost than traditional methods using crude oil. Siluria projects natural gas can be converted to gasoline at a cost $1.00 a gallon. But , that’s not the most amazing part, the United States of America has a lot of natural gas, and we are always finding more. It has been stated that in the Bermuda triangle which extends off the coast of North Carolina, ships were sunk instantly, because a natural gas bubble escaped from the sea floor.

Back to the oil, BMW has recognized through extensive testing that the new Pennzoil (Shell) Euro Synthetic Motor Oil is the best motor oil to put in your BMW or Mini Cooper. The Synthetic oil made from natural gas starts out with a very clean source, natural gas. Then the gas is manipulated at eh molecular level and converted into a synthetic oil. All synthetic oils have been manipulated at the molecular level, this is what classifies them as synthetic. Specifically to separate certain molecules in order to have a more consistent liquid. The advantage of using natural gas for this process is that you do not have to clean the oil.

So three cheers to Shell, Pennzoil, BMW and Mini Cooper for helping all of us move forward with technology. Come to Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 W in Apex NC and ask for the new BMW oil or Pennzoil Euro Synthetic and we will service your vehicle right the first time.

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