Meet Mike. Mike drives a BMW X5 as well as a BMW 740il. Mike use to live in Cary NC but recently moved to Raleigh NC. Even with a bit of a drive, Mike still trusts his BMW service with Peak Auto. Both of Mike’s BMW, X5 and 740iL are model year 2012, so Mike thought it would be a good idea to have both of their batteries replaced by Peak Auto in Apex NC.

BMW car batteries do last a very long time compared with other car manufacturers. The BMW batteries are registered to the vehicle computer which takes extra time and effort (cost) but is well worth it when you can get a battery to work properly for up to 8 to 9 years. Mike and his wife do not drive their BMW’s very much which causes a shortened battery life. His batteries were still in very good condition and would probably last another year or two but Mike thought that a day that the car will not start is not something to ever have to be anxiousness about.

One of the tricky services with BMW’s is the battery replacement. Not only do they need to be registered to the vehicle’s computer, but each BMW same model same year, could have a different battery. Even the Vehicle Identification Number will not allow the dealer to look up the exact battery needed. At Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall, we stock every option for BMW batteries and we can program/register the battery to your BMW when you need a battery installed.

On this occasion Mike dropped off his BMW X5, Peak Auto replaced the battery, had his BMW x5 washed and cleaned, then called Mike to pick it up. Mike then dropped off his BMW 740il and Peak Auto replaced the battery, had his BMW 740iL washed and cleaned, then called Mike for him to pick it up. Mike was very pleased with his service at Peak Auto and left Peak Auto a Five Star Review Award on Google.

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