Meet Andrew: Andrew drives a BMW X5 and lives in Cary NC. Andrew first came to Peak Auto last year because his BMW X5 had a “Service Engine Soon” light on the dash. Andrew lives in Cary NC but works in Raleigh NC. Andrew dropped his BMW X5 off in the morning, picked up a loaner vehicle and went to work as usual. Andrew had been at AAA two weeks prior for an oil leak repair. They replaced the valve cover gasket as well as the oil filter stand gasket. He brought his BMW X5 back to them when the service engine soon light came on but they were unable to diagnose his issue. This is why Andrew brought his BMW to the experts at Peak Auto.

Shortly after Andrew dropped off his BMW X5, Peak Auto was able to call him with a report on his service engine soon diagnosis. It was simple, a P0420 code catalytic efficiency. The problem however was not the catalytic converter, but an air intake leak causing the false code. The air intake leak was coming from a breather hose which was cracked. The hose was much less expensive then a new catalytic converter and Andrew was pleased to hear this news.

Andrew’s BMW X5 was repaired, a cabin air filter was replaced, and the vehicle was washed and cleaned. Andrew was notified that afternoon the the work was complete and was able to pick up his vehicle the next morning on his was back to work. Andrew was happy with his service at Peak Auto and has since been back for routine maintenance. Just this past visit Andrew left and Google Five Star Review!

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