Yes, brakes, brakes, brakes! Are good, good, good! But how do you know if you have good brakes. Manufacturers spend a great deal of time working with their brake, or friction, vendors/manufacturers. Yes, car makers do not make their own brakes. TextarBremboAC DelcoAkebono, and Zimmerman are a few to name. These brake manufacturers make and supplied brakes for car, SUV, and Minivans. They are OE or OEM manufacturers. It is  a complicated process to determine the right size, shape, and material of brake pads in order to match up with the high demands of today’s automobiles.

You have to laugh at advertisements for cheep brakes. Of all things in life to be penny pinching, your’s and your family’s safety is not a place to save a dime. Cheep brakes will not stop your vehicle as fast as your original brakes do. If you plan to get buy the least expensive brakes you can find, believe me the shop will be buying the cheapest brakes they can find, and there are a lot of cheap options out there from the Chinese and Mexican aftermarket. Just plan to leave a little more distance between your car and the SUV in front of you. Cheap brakes will also cause noise, maybe not at first but when it rains or a few months after they were replaced. Cheap brakes will also cause vibration in the steering wheel as well as in the seat.

Brakes for your car, SUV, or Minivan in the Cary, Apex NC area should be replaced by a professional shop like Peak Auto who use OEM parts and lubricants. At Peak Auto we take the time to choose top quality OEM brake pads and rotors, pair this with a brake replacing process or cleaning and lubricating brake parts to give you the best brake service in the Area. Located right next to the Cary Auto Mall, Peak Auto offers an affordable alternative to the dealers pricing without giving up quality in service and parts. At Peak Auto even the brake pad and glides lubricants are made in Germany to ensure a long long time of quality braking.

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