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Brakes Cary NC

Brakes, so, so, so important! Yes without brakes we cannot drive. In fact I always laugh when we get ice storm in Cary NC and I hear people say, oh I am fine driving I have 4 wheel drive. Oh yeah what happens when you wan to stop? Yes all wheel drive is great for getting up and going in the snow or ice, but when it comes to stopping, we are all in the same boat.

When you apply your brakes in the snow or ice, the balance of your vehicle and conditions of your tires will determine weather you stop or not. Brakes function very well even if they are almost worn out. Tires on the other hand loose grip the older they are.

All modern day vehicle have disc brakes on the front two wheels. Most of these vehicle have disc brakes on the year wheels as well. In the olden days we you to use “4 wheel disc brakes” as a major selling point. Now a days it is very difficult to find a car with disc brakes only on the front. If this is the case, then you have drum brakes on the rear. Drum brake use to be the industry standard, and they still work, but not near as well as disc brakes. Since 70% of your stopping power comes form the front, maybe the rear don’t have to be so good.

Drum brakes are cheaper to manufacturer and they last longer, but i still prefer a car with “4 wheel Disc Brakes” When it comes to stopping power some manufacturers have taken it a step further… On some higher end performance vehicles, brakes once again have become a major selling point. Whether it is ceramic rotors, or multiple pistons per caliper, it is exciting to see brakes become, once again, a hot topic!


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