BMW Brakes

At Peak Auto we specialize in brake service and repair. We use OEM brakes parts and Fluid including Textar, Zimmerman, and Pentosin. Let’s begin with the pads and roters, or as the industry specialist call them friction material. For years shops have over sold “ceramic” brake pads because they claim the last longer and produce less dust. OK that is just fine, just try to stop fast and you will be in danger. A fellow shop owner told me he once put ceramic brake pads on a GMC Suburban, was giving it test drive got the vehicle up to 60 mph and slammed on the brakes. The vehicle would not stop. So much so that the ABS did not engage. If your brake pads do not have enough friction to grab hold of the rotor enough to cause the vehicel to lock up under normal hard braking, you are in danger. At Peak Auto we do not subscribe to hard brake pads or rotors, our number one goal is to STOP your vehicle.

Brake fluid, we will save this for the next article

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