Driving in the rain can be very dangerous, in fact most vehicle collisions happen in the rain or snow/ice. If you know anyone who owns or works at a body shop, it seems that they are always praying for rain, when we “regular” people are hoping for sunshine. When it does rain and you need to drive your car to work, it is best to know that you are going to be safe. A few things to keep in mind and maintained on your minivan are windshield wiper-blades, tires, and Air Conditioning.

Windshield wiper blades are not all the same. Auto parts stores are constantly selling you wiper blades, reason be is that the blades they sell over the counter do not last very long. A good set of wiper blades should last you at least a year if not 2 years. All these “new” style blades with amazing features that are fun to advertise, really do not hold up for vary long. At Peak Auto we use factory windshield wiper blades on your vehicles. The blades like the ones that came with your car. Every service at Peak Auto, we check you wiper blades to make sure they are not torn or streak when you use them. When we replace the blades for you, at Peak Auto we do not charge for the labor. Windshield wiper blades are such an important safety feature.

When driving in the rain your car needs to stay on the road and not slide or skid around corners. If you tires are worn down to 3/32 of and inch  left in thread, then you are in danger. In fact if it is time for your safety inspection, you will not pass if your tires’ thread is bellow the ware-bars. At Peak Auto located on US 64 W right next tot the Cary Auto Mall, we are very competitive in price when it comes to installing tires on your car, minivan, or SUV. In fact we use “Tirerack.com” as a good pricing guide, when you include the freight charges.

If it is raining and your cars Air conditioning is not working, you will notice your windows fog up quickly. This is extremely dangerous and can be easily avoided by an AC Performance Check and Peak Auto. The AC performance check evacuates and recharges your AC to the correct amount of refrigerant. If there is a medium to large leak we can detect it at this time and inform you of the cost to fix it. If you have a very small leak then your AC will be working for some time and when it stops, we will be able to find the leak by spotting the die that we added to the refrigerant at the last charge.

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