Meet Ed: Ed has a BMW M3 that he first brought to Peak Auto for service in 2013. Recently Ed purchased a Porsche Boxter and brought it into Peak Auto to diagnose an airbag light that was on. After determining the cause of the airbag light Peak Auto’s expert technician completed a 50 point inspection on Ed’s Porsche and found that his vehicle was in perfect condition.

Peak Auto’s technician scanned the vehicle computer and found code 8023 (drivers head air bag short to ground). After some research the Technician found a technical service bulletin for replacing door wire harness in A pillar for corrosion due to moisture. Check the connections and unplugged and plugged the connector several times and code has not returned.

In this case, the issue was solved during the diagnosis and that is all that was required to fix the air bag light on Ed’s Porsche. Sometimes more parts and time is required for a repair, but the only way to know is to have Peak Auto’s highly trained technicians inspect and diagnose you vehicle whenever a check engine light, airbad, or other warning light comes on.

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