Peak Auto is the leader in auto engine diagnostics & repair in the Cary Apex area. Engine Diagnostics & Repair can be complicated and expensive. If your vehicle is having a problem it is important to make sure that it is diagnosed correctly the first time. “Throwing parts” at a problem is never a good idea, especially if you are paying for it. At Peak Auto our diagnostics help you feel encouraged to have our highly trained ASE Certified Technicians solve your problem.

During this process, Peak Auto’s highly skilled technicians will scan your engine computer, pinpoint cause of issue, test specific functions and parts to verify computer findings. Common issues with check engine lights are related to misfires – spark plugs or coils. Also air intake leaks, EVAP leaks, or EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) related. Not so common issues are timing chain stretching or guides worn and burnt valves.

During this diagnostics our highly skilled technicians will test drive your vehicle, lift up car and inspect the vehicle for worn parts that can be contributing to your noise or vibration. Common issues are wheel bearings, suspension, axle joints (CV) and warped brake rotors.


Do you need to make an appointment to have your vehicle Diagnosed or Repaired. Is your BMW or Mini Cooper “service engine soon ” light on? Is your Mercedes Benz Check engine light on? Does your Volkswagen or Audi have a rough idle? Is you traction control light on. If you have a Toyota your VSE light will come on when your check engine light comes on. The Japanese idea behind this is that is your engine is not running properly, it would be a bad idea to limit its power if the vehicle starts to lose traction. Please fill out the form below to schedule Peak auto to Diagnose and Repair your vehicle.

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