Meet Eric: Eric drives a BMW 325i and first met Peak Auto in 2014 when he brought in his Porsche Boxter S for water-pump replacement. Eric has gotten to know Peak Auto over the years and has entrusted us with the maintenance, repair, and service of his families vehicles.

On this last visit, Eric brought his BMW 325i in for an oil change and to check for leaks in his cooling system. Peak Auto’s expert technician completed the oil and filter change, pressure checked the coolant system and found the radiator expansion tank was leaking, then completed a 50 point inspection on the vehicle. During the inspection it was documented that Eric’s BMW 325i transmission service and brake fluid flush were due.

After notifying Eric of the cost for each service and repair, he approved the work. After the service and repairs were completed on Eric’s BMW 325i, his vehicle was thoroughly washed and cleaned to make sure it looked great when Eric was ready to pick up his BMW 325i.

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