Flying During Covid-19 is no fun!

I recently traveled by air and I was not impressed with the response the Airline industry has towards protecting their employees and passengers on flights. Flying During Covid-19 wa snot what I expected. Destination was chosen not to leave the United States but get far enough away that I felt like I was on vacation.

Flying during covid-19 was harder than I thought. The flight attendants just didn’t seem to want anyone on their plane. An overabundance of regulations and the constant reminder that “It is against Federal Aviation Law to consume your own alcohol on any flight.” So strange, they will not sell me a drink and then would not let me bring a drink on board?

Very confusing regulations, but no list or pamflet in the sit back pocket explaining all they are doing to ensure the plane is clean. For instance, are they cleaning the cabin before each flight or at least at night? What steps are they taking besides making me wear a mask, not serving any food or even water, and not have a drink.

Flying during Covid-19 is confusing. Are all the flight attendants temperatures check before they board an airplane? Why was the captain not wearing a face mask? Why are they angry at the passengers for just wanting to go somewhere?

Flying no fun – USVBI’s Fun

Flying during Covid-19 was painful but the destination of St. Johns USVBI was fantastic. When I arrived in St. John’s Island on July 7th there were only 4 active cases on all three islands. When I landed at the airport in St. Thomas nice gentlemen in nurses outfits took everyone’s temperature and asked if we had experienced any symptoms. They also handed out hand sanitizer and a paper mask. Maks are mandatory anywhere in public and somehow it started to become natural to wear one in a grocery store.

Flying during Covid-19 is no Beach but the beaches were beautiful. They became a bit too crowded at about 11:00 so I decided to go snorkeling early and avoid human contact.

Flying during Covid-19 is extremely stressful. % nights in St. John’s Island and I fltl almost normal again. The stress had left and my thoughts were no longer occupied with death and disorder but on how lovely the sunset was, what it is like to eat in a proper restaurant, and how nice the sand feels in my towes. Unfortunately the flight home erased all most all the stress relief that I work so hard to achieve.

The airline started a new policy between my flight there and my flight home. Now for disembarking it is required to stay seated until the row in front has left 6 feet down the isle. I did like this new reg but where was it a week ago? Are the airlines “Flying by the seat of their pants?” Or are they just making it up as they go.

Please would someone straighten out this Flying during Covid-19 mess! Until then at Peak Auto I suggest and strongly urge a vacation done by car, SUV, or minivan this summer. Stay away from Airplanes until they get their act together…

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