Meet Francisco: Francisco lives in Apex and his wife drives a Nissan Xterra. She brought her SUV to Peak Auto to diagnose and repair a rumbling noise coming from the rear at 40 mph. Peak Auto’s expert technician diagnosed the vehicle as a faulty/damaged rear differential and recommended replacing it before it got worse and caused other issues. The technician also checked all fluids, measured brake pads, and noted that the brake fluid was measuring at 4% moisture level and needed to be flushed.

At Peak Auto, we have more options for repairs on vehicles than the auto dealerships. In this situation a used differential was available for a fraction of the price as a new one. When we called Francisco to give him his options we also mentioned his brake fluid need to be flushed.

The repair and brake fluid service went as planned and Francisco had a very pleasant first time experience at the number one dealer alternative, Peak Auto, located next the the Cary Auto Mall.


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