Volvo’s popularity as a brand stems from its unwavering commitment to safety, innovative design, & a focus on driver experience. This automotive brand is known for combining sleek aesthetics with a minimalist & functional approach. Its attention to detail & high-quality craftsmanship further contribute to its popularity among discerning consumers.

In recent years, the advancements in automotive technology have revolutionized vehicle safety a lot. And the good news is, Volvo has been at the forefront of this evolution. With a strong commitment to safety, Volvo has consistently introduced innovative features & technologies to enhance driver & passenger protection. In this article, we will explore the role of new technologies in keeping Volvo drivers safe on the road in detail.

IntelliSafe: An Encompassing Approach To Safety

Intellisafe encompasses a range of advanced technologies designed to prevent accidents & mitigate the severity of collisions. These features include lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, & blind-spot detection. By integrating these technologies, Volvo aims to create a safer driving environment, & reduce the risk of accidents caused by human errors.

Pilot Assist: Intensified Driver Assistance

Pilot Assist is an enhanced driver assistance system that combines adaptive cruise control with steering assistance. It helps to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead & keeps the vehicle centered within its lane. When you are on a way to long highway drives, Pilot Assist plays a key role in reducing driver fatigue & enhancing safety.

City Safety: Protecting Pedestrians & Cyclists

City Safety is a groundbreaking technology developed by Volvo that focuses on Urban safety. Using radar & camera sensors, this advanced safety technology can detect pedestrians, cyclists, & other vehicles, in your vehicle’s path. By providing autonomous braking assistance, it mitigates the possibility of collision, making Volvo vehicles some of the safest on the market.

Driver Monitoring Systems

Volvo has developed Driver Monitoring Systems to combat driver distraction & drunk driving. Using cameras & sensors, these systems can detect the signs of inattentiveness, issuing alerts to prompt the driver to regain focus by taking a break. The aim of Driver Monitoring Systems is not to limit accidents, rather they are to avoid accidents completely. Altogether, it is a great initiative by the brand to tackle both small & big causes of distraction while driving.

Whiplash Protection System

Whiplash injuries are extremely common in rear-end collisions. Fortunately, Volvo is able to address this concern with its Whiplash Protection System(WHIPS). By employing energy-absorbing seatbacks & head restraints that move with the occupant’s body, WHIPS helps reduce the risk of neck & spinal injuries during a rear impact.

Run-off Road Mitigation & Protection

The consequences of run-off-road accidents can be devastating. But if you are a Volvo owner, you can prevent it comprehensively with its Run-off Road Mitigation & Protection System. There are sensors & cameras that alert you when the vehicle veers off the road unintentionally. It can then apply steering & braking interventions to keep the vehicle on the road. On the contrary, when the system feels that the collision is unavoidable, it uses advanced safety features to protect occupants.

Road Sign Information

Volvo cars can recognize & displace important road signs, such as speed limits, no-entry signs, & overtaking restrictions, on the instrument cluster or head-up display. Well, no matter how experienced you are in driving a Volvo car, when your vehicle carries a feature like this, you can easily stay informed & comply with traffic regulations.

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* Volvo V90 Car image credit goes to: Bo Shen.

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