Meet Jim: Jim drives a 2011 BMW 328 and has been servicing his vehicle at Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex, NC since 2015. Although Jim does not put a lot off miles on his BMW, he requires his service to be accurate, convenient, and cost effective. Jim was in a pinch and needed to replace his BMW’s battery over the weekend at a auto parts store but they were unable to register the new battery to the vehicle. Before the battery could do any damage, he called Peak Auto for an appointment.

During Jim’s scheduled appointment, his BMW 328i received an oil change using the new BMW Motor Oil, his battery was checked to make sure it was the correct size and then registered to the vehicle’s computer, and his BMW was hand washed and cleaned. During Peak Auto’s routine 50 point inspection, Peak Auto’s expert technician noticed that Jim’s brakes had been replaced but the computer was never reset. Peak Auto’s highly knowledgeable technician reset the brake lining indicator for Jim at no charge.

After the service was complete,  Peak Auto called Jim and informed him that his BMW 328i was ready to be picked up. When Jim picked up his BMW he was happy to hear all the attention to detail that Peak Auto’s staff had performed and wrote this review.


Jim’s Actual Google Five Star Review

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