Meet Krishna: Krishna drives a Mini Cooper and has just recently moved to the Cary NC area. Krishna is very busy and his Mini cooper was telling him that he had services due. Krishna called Peak Auto for an appointment to come in to find out what services were due.

Sometimes the vehicle displays on sophisticated computer controlled cars can be alarming and cause some anxiety. At Peak Auto, located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex, we understand the stress these service reminders and check engine lights can cause. We feel your pain and are happy to take the time to check out your car, run diagnostics if needed, find out the status of the vehicle and explain to you what it all means, the importance, and the cost of the service or repair.

During Krishna’s first visit to Peak Auto, our expert technician looked over his Mini Cooper, then  we informed him that his transmission and engine air filter were due for service, and that he needed 2 tires. Krishna was given the prices, a description of why these items are important, and the ability to schedule an appointment as soon as his busy schedule permits.


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