Meet Carolee: Carolee drives a Lexus ES 350 and lives in Cary NC. Carolee, first brought her Lexus ES 350 to Peak Auto last week because she was feeling a vibration every time she stepped on her brakes. She was confident in choosing Peak Auto because of the review she found on Google. Peak Auto is conveniently located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex NC.

Peak Auto’s expert technician was able to experience the vibration in the steering wheel when he test drove Carolee’s Lexus SE 350. The vibration was caused by warped front brake rotors and was transferred to the steering wheel every time Carolee braked. This is common for vehicles that have worn out brakes and is also common for wheels that have been over-tightened during a normal tire rotation. Some “tire” Stores or “quick” lubes use very powerful impact guns to tighten wheel lug nuts and bolts. The idea is that the wheel will not fall off while driving. The bad side is that it can and usually warps brake rotors. At Peak Auto our highly trained technicians take the time to torque vehicle lug nuts and bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications, thus avoiding over tightening but also assuring safety when operating your vehicle.

Shortly after Carolee dropped off her Lexus ES 350, she was called by Peak Auto notifying her that her car needed front brake pads and rotors and that everything else on the vehicle was inspected and checked out to be in great condition. Carolee approved the replacement of the front brake pads and rotors. Peak Auto’s expert technician, replaced the front brake pads, rotors, test drove the vehicle to make sure it felt the way it was supposed to, then had the Lexus ES 350 washed and cleaned. Carolee was called and told the vehicle was ready to be picked up that afternoon. Carolee was very happy when she picked up her Lexus ES 350 and wrote this fantastic Five Star Google Review!

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