Lexus vs. Toyota, who is better? Lexus has no doubt taken the world by a storm since it’s inception in 1989. Wow has it been that long ago. Winning out over it’s direct competition Infiniti, Lexus has proven itself to be a brand that represents quality and comfort to compete with Mercedes Benz. In more recent years, the Lexus brand has adjusted its focus to include a more sporty feel ans style. Lexus seems to be going after the BMW market as well, or they may just be trying to keep up with Mercedes Benz, as Mercedes AMG has ruled the motor sport racing world for the past 4 years in Formula 1.

In the Cary NC area, this has been no exception. Lexus is well thought of luxury and performance, whether you are shuttling your kids to soccer practice or school, or taking a client out for a steak lunch… driving a Lexus in Cary NC projects status.

As the parent company of Lexus, Toyota is control of its destiny. The Toyota marque is a true representation of quality. Although a few years ago, experiencing some growing pains as it strived to be the worlds largest automobile producer, Toyota had some issues and a lot of recalls. The company has seemed to get pass this and is now back on top as the world benchmark of reliable vehicles.

Let us go beyond “brand” and look at the vehicles themselves. Toyota offers the base of the vehicle and you can see very close resemblance to size and engines between Toyota and Lexus. in 2016 the Lexus ES 350 was based on the Toyota Camry XLE. If you drive the two vehicles you would probably notice the Lexus is nicer, a little faster, and a bit more comfortable. This is the Lexus touch. If you want to know which one will last longer… At Peak Auto located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w, we have our opinion. Both drive-trains, meaning engine and transmissions, will last the same because they are virtually the same. The Lexus on board computer probably “tunes” the motor to put out more horsepower so hypothetically speaking the engine will wear-out faster. Brakes, fluid flushes, and oil changes can be close to the same cost, depending on where you service your vehicle. We have found that Lexus dealers cost more for service than Toyota dealers, in fact when we at Peak Auto need a Lexus part from the dealer for a repair at our shop, we try to find the comparable Toyota number so that we can purchase the part at Toyota. The wholesale part costs us less from Toyota than from Lexus. The same part. To make is even more interesting, all Lexus parts come in a Toyota part box. Funny.

Personally I have found that both vehicles have extremely good quality and the Lexus interiors wear-out before the mechanical’s (which is amazing for the mechanical s but not so much for Lexus leather). The quality of the Toyota is amazing but if you are looking to impress your friends at McGregor Towns, you may need to drive Lexus over a Toyota. You will just have to decide if the extra money is worth it.

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