At Peak Auto located right next tot eh Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 w, we love Mini Cooper’s for a number of reason. First of all the are mini or small, we can fit a lot more of them in our parking lot or in our garage. Mini Cooper’s are fun to drive, the handling is amazing and you really get great road feel. Mini Cooper’s are fun to work on, they all seem to break the same way.

Mini Cooper’s aren’t the smallest vehicle out there. The Smart Car by Mercedes is even smaller but does not get as good of fuel economy as the Mini Cooper and are definitely not as fun to drive. A mini cooper seams to be about half the size of a BMW 740iL. If we could just find a way to efficiently stack the Mini Coopers two to each parking spot them we would have room for hundreds of these delightful creatures. It is some what of a strange thing. When we work on and service Mini Coopers, more Mini Coopers show up. It is kind of like they have there own following. Flies attract flies, could Mini Coopers attract Mini Coopers?

Driving a Mini Cooper in Cary North Carolina is a lot of fun, there is a great mix of windy roads with slight hills to add to the excitement of running to the grocery store on a Saturday morning. Some of the fun can be had just by racing your fellow stoplight patron to the end of the block. I personally enjoy entering a freeway. On and off ramps bring a smile to my face, but if you really enjoy the cornering, try joining a local club or participating in track day at Virginia International Raceway, just a little over an hour from Apex NC.

At Peak Auto, when we work on a Mini Cooper. Our Expert technicians know exactly how to get you back on the road again quickly and efficiently. Since most of the Mini Coopers use the same Peugeot engines, diagnosing a misfire, rattle from the engine, or leaking water pump, can be very accurate at Peak Auto. We own the timing tools needed to replace timing chains, heads, and to complete extensive engine work when necessary. At peak auto, we use DOT 4LV for your brake fluid, OEM parts and fluids for all repairs, and if you are tired of replacing tires all the time, we can set you alignment a little less aggressive to help tire wear.

Mini Cooper

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