Yesterday I pulled up to a stop light and a lady in the car next to me gave me a LOOK. She then angrily asked me, “can you tell me why you are wearing a face mask in your car?” I calmly replied: “Sure, this is a customer’s car, they are elderly and in poor health, I am wearing a mask while driving in their car out of respect for them.”

“Oh,” she replied, “you have just restored my faith in humanity.” I looked at her and smiles, even though she couldn’t see my face. I then replied as I held up a can of ZEP disinfectant: “We also sanitized each vehicle when it is dropped off and when we are done.”

As the light turned green she quickly drove off as if she was just publicly shamed by a teenager. I guess wearing a mask while driving is controversial. How did our society come to this? Where does all the hate stem from? What is our duty to our fellow man?


Is this year almost over? Will 2021 be any different? Are we just going to get worse and worse until the medication has no more effect? I offer a suggestion: “Treat others how you would like them to treat you.” I swear this is nothing new and definitely not my original idea.


Ancient Egypt story of The Eloquent Peasant 2040 BCE

Ancient India Mahābhārata 400 BCE

Ancient Greece Isocrates 436 BCE

Ancient Rome Seneca the Younger 4 BC

You can also find religious writings from all major religions who agree!

I suppose it has been too long since we adapted to the “ME” society, whether it is Me Too (not me and you as well), or my life matters (and yours doesn’t), or just plain me first (and the hell with you)…

What is the meaning of words and why are they so powerful? If words can really make a difference than why can’t we say: please, thank you, you first, have a nice day….

Daran Thomas


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