Meet Alvin: Alvin lives in Apex NC and his wife drives a Mercedes Benz C320 4MATIC. Alvin recently brought their Mercedes Benz into Peak Auto for a Check Engine Light Diagnosis. Check engine light diagnosis does not mean reading a P code and throwing a part at the car. A true diagnosis will include checking codes, testing systems, testing parts, and in this case applying pressurized smoke to the EVAP system to check for a physical leak.

Alvin’s wife’s Mercedes Benz C320 4MATIC had an EVAP code. An EVAP code is related to the evaporative emissions of every modern vehicle. The EVAP system allows the fuel tank to breath as gas and air expand and contract when the temperature changes. The fuel tank cannot just have a hole and let gas go out and air in when needed. The EVAP system is quite complex and includes solenoid valves, a charcoal canister, and a lot of hoses. After reading the code in Alvin’s wife’s Mercedes C320 4Matic, Peak Auto’s expert technician smoked the EVAP system and after a considerable amount of time was able to pinpoint the leak to the actual filler neck.

Peak Auto’s technician also pointed out a few service items overdue as well as a past repair at the dealer that needed to be addressed. Alvin was called and notified of the conclusion to the diagnosis and the other items that needed attention. Alvin was pleased with the thorough examination of his wife’s vehicle. Alvin approved the repair, the parts were ordered and the next day his vehicle was repaired, washed, cleaned and ready to be picked up. Alvin was so pleased with Peak Auto that he left a wonderful 5 Star Google Review!

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