Meet Mr. Chang: Mr. Chang drives a  Mercedes Benz GL450 and lives in Cary, NC. Mr. Chang has been a great customer of Peak Auto for the past 6 years. Recently Mr. Chang’s Mercedes Benz GL 450 air suspension was dipping in the front left corner. Mr. Chang brought his Mercedes Benz GL 450 to Peak Auto for an A service and to check out his low suspension.

Peak Auto’s expert technician was able to pinpoint the leak to the actual air shock and recommended replacing the air spring. In the front office Peak Auto noticed that we replaced Mr. Chang’s front air shocks less then 2 years and less than 30,000 miles prior. Even though Mr. Chang’s front shock had exceeded the Peak Auto warranty of 12 months 12,000 miles, Peak Auto felt that the part should not have failed prematurely and warrantied the replacement of Mr. Chang’s front air shock.

Mr. Chang was notified of the reason that his Mercedes Benz GL450 was dipping on the front left side, he was explained how this situation would be resolved, and notified when the repair would be completed. Peak Auto’s technician completed the repair, the vehicle was washed and cleaned. Mr Change was called and notified that his Mercedes Benz was ready for pick-up. Mr. Change was extremely pleased at the honest, quick, and accurate service he received and gave Peak Auto a 5 Star Google Review!

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