Meet AJ: AJ lives in Durham and drives a Mercedes Benz 300SE. AJ drove all the way to Peak Auto located in Apex NC for a repair on his vehicle’s wheel hub. AJ was at a local shop in Durham and they cross-threaded his lug bolts and hub on his front wheel. AJ was having a very hard time finding the part he needed to fix his car’s issue. He called Peak Auto and Peak Auto was able to locate the specific part, order it from Mercedes Benz and install it for AJ.

At Peak Auto we receive phone calls from a lot of people who are just looking for advice. Sometimes auto repair shops have a hard time explaining what is wrong with your vehicle. Peak Auto uses years of experience as well as extremely knowledgeable staff to understand customer complaints, interpret technicians reports, and put in layman’s terms an explanation of what can be difficult problems.

In AJ’s case, he was just having a hard time finding a part for his Mercedes Benz. Peak Auto used it’s vast resources to locate exactly what he needed and then install it for him. AJ was so happy with his experience he left Peak Auto a Google five Star Review!

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