Meet Ray: Ray drives a Mini Cooper S model and lives in Pittsboro NC. Ray is now retired but spends a lot of effort and time working with a non-profit in Nepal rescuing kids. We appreciate Ray’s hard work and dedication to this cause. When Ray is at home he loves to rest his body and mind. Driving his Mini Cooper S is a wonderful escape from the worries of a far away land.

Ray had an oil change done at a tire shop near his house where they pointed out an oil leak. Ray made an appointment at Peak Auto to check for this leak. He dropped of his Mini Cooper S, picked up a loaner vehicle and was called shortly there after with a detailed explanation of the oil leaks, the condition of his vehicle, and costs to fix. Ray also inquired about a sport exhaust for his Mini cooper S model and this information was given to Ray. Ray decided to hold off on the sport exhaust, gave his approval for the repairs including fixing the oil leak, new tires and a Mini Cooper Alignment, which requires the vehicle to be weighed down by up to 500 lbs.

Mini Cooper’s do have 3 common oil leaks. Oil filter stand gasket, valve cover gasket, and oil pan gasket. At Peak Auto we frequently find that tire stores, quick oil change stops, and other shops not familiar with Mini Coopers, will create an oil leak during a routine oil change by not replacing the oil filter o-ring or installing it incorrectly. The worse part of it, is that this o-ring is in a high pressure part of the oil system so the leaks can be severe. It can look like an oil filter housing seal/gasket leak and can make a huge mess of the engine, destroying belts and hoses. At Peak Auto, located right next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 64 West in Apex NC, we are very familiar with this mistake and can quickly determine between an inexpensive repair and a larger one.

The next day Ray was called to pick up his Mini Cooper, all the repairs were completed, the vehicle was cleaned and washed, and Ray was able to retrieve it at his convenience. Ray was very pleased with his experience at Peak Auto and left a great Google Five Star Review!

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