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New Mini Cooper oil is dictated by the New BMW motor oil, which is the Twin Power Turbo Motor Oil made by Pennzoil (Shell). Also know in the US as Pennzoil Euro Synthetic Motor Oil, this new breed of lubricant is made with a base of natural gas instead on crude oil. Natural gas is so pure and clean that it has no smell or aroma, you cannot see it, and gas companies add a scent to it so we can detect it if we in-hail it. Natural gas is abundant in the United States as well as Venezuela, Russia, and the middle east. 


The reason BMW/Mini Cooper switched from a very long relationship with Castrol to Shell/Pennzoil was not just because the oil is clean and easy to source, but because Shell/Pennzoil has added an amazing additive package to help combat against the side effects of the new direct inject motors. Direct inject fuel delivery is fantastic for addition power, fuel economy, and reduced emission but the technology does seem to cause carbon build-up on intake valves, piston ring blow-by, and sludge build-up on the piston rings which causes more blow-by as well as higher oil consumption.


The new Pennzoil available at Peak Auto for your Mini Cooper is fantastic to help reduce carbon build-up on your Mini’s intake valves, piston ring sludge build-up as well as oil consumption. In fact regularly scheduled oil changes can help reduce the the build-up and actually clean the piston rings. At Peak Auto, located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 W. in Apex NC, we recommend you shorten your oil change interval from 15,000 long miles to 5,000 miles for your Mini Cooper, in order to prevent future expensive repairs. Unfortunately the new Mini Cooper engine only hold 4 liters of oil and are not very durable. It is important to keep clean oil with fresh additives in your oil system for he best operation of your Mini Cooper.


Mini Cooper Oil

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