Oil change stickers in window, again? Yes, again. With vehicles computers having oil change reminders built in, it has been a long time since we at Peak Auto have put oil change stickers in windows for every oil change. The newer the engine the more dependent it is on the right kind of fresh clean engine oil to lubricate it systems. We have written many times on the Peak Auto blog about modern-day engines and how oil is such a specific and crucial component in the healthy maintenance of your machine.

The newer your car the more sophisticated it is. Very simply, better fuel economy, higher performance, and longer lasting. In order to achieve all of these things simultaneously, auto manufacturers have had to rely on better more specific types of oil. No longer will just the weight 5w30 do for your high output engine. Now full synthetic oils and ones that meet the guidelines of your cars manufacturer are necessary. How do you know you are getting the right oil, come to Peak Auto. We take the time, effort, and expense to research the necessary oil for your vehicle. Vehicles will have Approvals for their engine oil and they will look like this: API SN, ACEA C3, BMW LL-04, Chrysler MS-11106, MB 229.51 dexos.

The problem does not lie in the oil but in the recommended service interval. Yes today engine oils are the best they have ever been, but today’s engine are more reliant than ever on the oil. Direct inject is brutal on your engine. The best way to safeguard against wear and tear on your engine is by frequent oil and filter changes as well as making sure your vehicle has the correct amount of oil at all times of operation.

Peak Auto is now placing a oil change reminder sticker on every front windshield at the conclusion of every oil change as well as resetting your vehicles oil change reminder counter. If you would like to remove the sticker, no problem it is static adhesive so no glue or residue.


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