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Peak Auto is a leader in the Cary and Apex area for Oil Change Service of all vehicle oil types. Regularly scheduled oil changes are the key ingredient to a healthy engine. With scheduled oil changes, your engine will run newer, stronger and longer. At Peak Auto, our oil changes are top-of-the-line, with advanced synthetics and the new Pennzoil Euro full synthetic oil made from natural gas that outlasts and out performs other synthetic motor oils – all at an affordable price. You’re already driving a luxury vehicle, so making sure your BMW, Mini Cooper, Audi or Mercedes is using the right premium synthetic oil will make the car you love last even longer.

Even a current Honda Odyssey, or any Toyota or Lexus built after 2012 qill use a very specific 0w20 full Synthetic motor oil. Peak Auto uses this oil made by Eneos, Japan’s # 1 oil!

Regular Oil Change Service:

With regular car oil changes, your vital engine parts stay well-coated and protected against excess heat and friction. When you skip oil changes, the oil begins to thicken, break down, and is consequently less effective, resulting in damage and engine wear.

One of the most common forms of routine maintenance is an oil change. When you don’t change your oil regularly, you could end up needing costly engine repairs or even an engine replacement. Don’t risk it – follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. It may be tempting to take your car anywhere for this service, but it’s important to bring your car to Peak Auto. Our technicians are certified and trained and generic oil change shops cannot spot potential problems that will manifest themselves down the road. A BMW specialist knows what to look out for. It will save you a lot of time and expense in the long run, and in the short run, you’ll even save on gas, as a well-oiled car burns fuel more efficiently.

Peak Auto’s Elite Oil Change Service Tech’s

Peak Auto’s elite ASE-certified auto technicians perform thousands of oil changes each year. When it comes to motor oil, their knowledge is unmatched – and it extends beyond oil changes. Oil change services are available for cars, trucks, mini vans and large SUV vehicles.  Peak Auto can handle all your automotive needs, from maintenance to repairs to tires.

With each oil change, customers receive a complimentary 50-point inspection. When you need an oil change, Peak Auto is the obvious choice.

An oil change is an investment in the life and health of your vehicle – it protects your engine and maintains your fuel efficiency. Check your car’s manufacturer’s recommendations to find out how often your car’s oil should be changed and which type of oil – conventional or full synthetic oil – is best. Contact us to schedule your oil change service today.


Oil Change Service

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