Meet Abbey: Abbey drives a Honda Odyssey and has been bringing her minivan to Peak Auto since 2010. Recently she was hearing a noise from the engine compartment every morning for 3 minutes that sounded like a vacuum cleaner and her AC was not blowing cold at all. Abbey was on her way out of town and needed a reliable vehicle for the weekend and hot drive.

After Peak Auto’s expert technician checked out Abbey’s Honda Odyssey and performed our routine 50 point inspection, he concluded that the power steering system was leaking fluid and causing the noise and that the AC pressure switch was leaking refrigerant and causing the AC not the blow cold. Peak Auto’s highly trained technician also noted that Abby’s mini van’s brakes were worn, a tie rod end was loose, an oil change and state inspection were do.

Because of Abbey’s busy schedule, time was of the essence and only a few of the repairs could be performed on that Friday. We discussed with Abbey the most critical repairs focusing on safety as well as comfort, completed these repairs and then Abby brought her Honda Odyssey back the next week to complete the other work items.

At Peak Auto we thank Abbey for her continued support and  sometimes it is just great to get a thumbs-up on a job well done. Check out Abbey’s Five Stars!

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