At Peak Auto we offer personal car care and service to all of our customers. At Peak Auto we limit the number of appointments each day to no more than 10. Instead of the hustle and bustle of car dealers or mass chain/franchises, try a different approach to managing your car care needs.

I am sure I am not alone in my frustration of being treated as a number. I am an individual with individual needs and rights. Being part of the Takata air-bag recall on a number of our BMW loaner cars, I have had to endure some unpleasantness. Starting with making an appointment with a call center, to being talk down to by a service-writer. I have felt the whole experience to be very stressful and inconvenient. Loaner cars are not offered for these safety recalls, so how do I get home or back to work? Wait for the replacement/repair? And then what, sit in a huge waiting room with screaming children running around the place and inconsiderate phone talkers discussing their divorce with their lawyers? That just is not for me.


I envisioned Peak Auto to be anything but this. A very quiet waiting room if needed, plenty of loaner cars, rides to work or home and complimentary snacks, Starbucks coffee and freezer full of Haagen-Dazs ice cream in the summer time.

Last week I had a customer ask how long it would take to pick up a loaner, as he would be pressed for time to get back to work. I said, “how long will it take you to print and sign your name?” Yes, Time is valuable and your time is most valuable to us! We do have paperwork but I have worked very hard to minimize the process. Sometimes after service at a franchise, you are then required to “take a survey”. Surveys are for a way for management. who are out of touch with the client base, to find out how their company is doing. Here at Peak Auto, our team knows right away if you are having a good day or bad. We work very hard to make your experience and day a pleasant one. If you do not believe this post, check out our google reviews!

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