Meet Rob C: Rob and his wife both drive BMW‘s, a BMW x3 and a BMW 535. Rob and his wife rely on Peak Auto for their repair and service needs. Rob likes to do a little work on his own car and enjoys the ability to understand what is under the hood. Sometimes the task may require a highly trained technician who is an expert on BMW’s to service or repair Rob’s BMW’s.

Rob recently brought his wife’s BMW X3 in to Peak Auto to diagnose a “Service Engine Soon” light that was on in the dash display. After a thorough computer diagnostics, a misfire on cylinder #3 was discovered. Peak Auto’s expert technician looked into the cause of this misfire and determined that oil had penetrated the fuel injection wiring harness and was shorting-out cylinder # 3’s fuel injector. Peak Auto’s technician cleaned the wiring and fixed the service engine soon light issue all within the $159.97 diagnostic time.

During Rob’s wife’s X3 visit, Peak Auto’s technician also noted and fixed an oil leak coming from the oil filter cap, a tail light bulb that was burned out, and a crunching noise going over bumps that was caused by a loose skid plate bolt. At Peak Auto we take the time to service your vehicles properly and we are here to build lifetime relationships with you and your family.


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