Why should I NOT get my oil changed on Saturday? This is a good question that I am sure most people have NOT asked themselves. Start with the pros… I have time because I am not working. Alright that’s about it for the pros so how about the cons…

1: I’d rather be doing anything else on my Saturday.

2: Shops open on Saturday and are staffed with the lowest ranking employees.

3: Employees working on Saturday would be the youngest and lowest skilled.

4: No one wants to work on Saturday.

5: Saturday comes after Friday night, anyone heard of a hangover?

6: Good, industry parts supplies are not available on Saturday, if your vehicle needs brakes or has a coolant leak, you will need to bring it back the next week or be subject to the cheapest lowest quality parts used to fix your vehicle. Why make more than one trip?

At Peak Auto conveniently located right next to the Cary Auto Mall, we will give you every good reason to bring your vehicle in during the week.

1: Our best most qualified technicians work Monday through Friday.

2: Convenient Night Drop.

3: Courtesy rides to home and work.

4: Loaner cars available.


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