Ordinarily, an engine rotational speed should make the engine shake or vibrate while in operation, but the engine mount holds it in place to prevent it from moving. As insignificant as the engine mount may seem, it is one of those immoveable parts required for a smooth driving experience.

Although the mount should last anywhere between 5 to 7 years, it should be checked regularly since your driving habits or driving conditions could accelerate its wear. Driving with a damaged engine mount would impact your engine performance and driving experience. A failed mount cannot firmly hold the engine during operation, leading to excessive engine movement.

Knowing the symptoms to look out for when you have a damaged engine mount will help alert you to the problem so you can deal with it expeditiously. Keep reading as we discuss the causes and symptoms of a failed engine mount.

Causes of Faulty Engine Mount

A well-functioning engine mount should hold the engine in place, absorb shocks, and reduce vibrations. However, the mount could become damaged and consequently need replacement due to the following factors:

  • Worn engine mount: Over time, every car component begins to wear down after an extended period of use, and the engine mount is no exception. The mount is made from rubber which is prone to wear after a while and lose elasticity, causing it to crack. Once it gets to this stage, the only solution is to get a replacement because it cannot be repaired.
  • Accidents: Accidents are known to cause extensive damage to vehicles. Minor collisions can also damage your engine mount, so you want to have them inspected after a collision to ensure they are still in perfect condition.
  • Driving habits: This is more applicable in the case of a manual transmission. Poor driving habits may put too much pressure on the engine mount and lead to cracks. Hence, over-revving the gears before shifting, poor use of the clutch, and even slamming the brakes can reduce the life expectancy of your BMW engine mounts.
  • Oil and fluid leaks: The engine mounts are made from rubber, and frequent fluid or oil leaks may compromise its structural integrity and weaken it over time. Hence, this may lead to premature mount failure and will need to be replaced immediately.
  • You should also note that improper installation from unskilled mechanics and extreme weather conditions can also cause damage or accelerate the wear of the engine mount.

Symptoms Of Faulty Engine Mount

A faulty engine mount has easy telltale signs that alert the driver to the situation. When these symptoms are noticed, it is a possible indication of a defective engine mount and a call to action. These symptoms include:

  • Vibration: One of the major functions of the engine mount is to keep the engine in place to control vibrations emanating from the car engine. Hence, when your BMW automobile experiences excessive vibration, it is a possible indication of a faulty engine mount, and it needs to be changed.
  • Noise: The engine mount prevents clanking and knocking sounds by keeping the engine components in place. Thus, if you notice a strange noise, especially rattling sounds emanating from the engine, it indicates an issue with the motor mount. It would help if you got your engine mount checked out.
  • Misalignment: The engine mount aligns your BMW engine components perfectly and keeps it working perfectly. A misaligned engine can cause severe damage to your car and incur excessive expenses. Whenever you notice your engine dropping to one side, it is a sure-fire indicator of a faulty engine mount.
  • Engine Damage: Although this cannot be categorized as a symptom of a faulty engine mount, prolonged use of a failed engine mount could lead to engine damage. Your BMW car engine’s constant movement and vibration from side to side will detrimentally affect its overall health.

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