Meet Thomas: Thomas works for RE/MAX and is one of the best realtors in the Cary NC area. Thomas relies on his Mercedes Benz CLS550 to provide the best experience to his customers when buying or selling a house. Thomas called me a few weeks ago when his Mercedes was at the dealer for some warranty work. They told him his tires were wearing out unevenly and in-order to fix this issue he had to change some components in the front suspension and then align the 4 wheels costing over $700.

I had an idea what he was talking about but the auto dealers never write up good estimates with part numbers and costs, they seem to make it more ambiguous and just put a total dollar amount down for you to digest. In this case the front of most Mercedes Benz have no built-in adjustment for camber. In order to complete a proper alignment of the vehicles wheels, a kit needs to be installed. This kit includes a grooved bolt, a nut, and a specially shaped washer.

The process for this repair/service is to remove the existing bolt in the front lower control arm, then replace it with the above bolt kit. No one knows why Mercedes Benz doesn’t just include this bolt when making the car like most vehicle manufacturers. Anyway Thomas, came to Peak Auto waited shortly for us to replace the camber bolts, align his Mercedes Benz CLS550, and our highly trained staff got him out the door in plenty of time to make his next appointment. All for $243.78.


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