Meet Todd: Todd drives a Mini Cooper S and has had his sporty little car serviced at Peak Auto since March of 2016. Todd called me yesterday with an issue with the Mini Cooper S, running rough and a service engine soon light on, also known as a check engine light. Todd asked if he could drop the Mini off that morning and I asked him if he needed a loaner car to use for the day. Todd said a loaner car would be very helpful. He thanked me on the phone and showed 30 minutes later with his Mini Cooper S.

Todd’s Mini Cooper S was suffering from an ignition coil not creating spark and therefore one of the four cylinders did not produce any power. His service engine soon light had a code for a lack of communication from his #1 Oxygen sensor. Peak Auto’s expert technician diagnosed the cause of this oxygen sensor issue and discovered that oil had leaked onto the wires of the sensor causing it to short out, he cleaned the wires and re-checked the system.

I called Todd shortly with a report, he approved the work, and was able to pick up his Mini Cooper S that afternoon. We appreciate hearing back from Todd right away with his Five Star Google Review.

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