If you drive a Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW with an Automatic Transmission and have in the past owned an American or Japanese vehicle you probably have looked for the transmission dip stick and wounder why there is not one. For reasons unknown to Peak Auto in the Cary NC area VW, Audi, and BMW have decided to not include a easy way to check your automatic transmission fluid level. Not only is it there no dipstick but your Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW need to be connected to a computer in order correctly physically check the A/T fluid level.

The vehicle needs to be on a lift, computer needs to be hooked up, and the fluid temperature needs to be near cool temperature. Exact A/T fluid temperature differs by brand and model. When all these elements are correct, specific automatic transmission fluid* needs to be pumped into the transmission with the engine running in idle until the fluid runs our of the fill hole.

NOTE * Each vehicle also requires a specific automatic transmission fluid. Your regular ATF purchased at a auto parts store will not be correct and will cause damage to your transmission.


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