Meet Ana Mae: Anna Mae drives a Volkswagen Tiguan and lives in Morrisville NC. Anna Mae has always brought her VW Tiguan to the dealer for all services and repairs. After her last visit to the dealer she called Peak Auto for a second opinion. Ana Mae was told by the Volkswagen dealer that her water pump was leaking coolant and that she had an oil leak coming from the oil filter adapter or housing gasket.

At Peak Auto, located at 833 US 64 West in Apex NC, we are happy to help provide second opinions or even sometimes just counseling over the phone. The experts at Peak Auto are very familiar with issues relating to your Volkswagen and can usually explain leaks or malfunctions in a more clear fashion. After a very comforting phone call, Ana Mae dropped her VW Tiguan off at Peak Auto. It was very nice to meet Ana Mae and her husband.

Shortly there after, Peak Auto’s Volkswagen Technician was able to pinpoint the coolant leak coming from the water pump, but also noted that someone had spilled oil all over the engine. It appeared that the oil filler cap may have not been tightened, or even on the engine, when the engine was running. Whe Peak Auto looked at the vehicle the oil cap had been put on properly but the oil spill was not cleaned. To some inexperienced mechanic, it could appear that the oil filter housing gasket was leaking.

Peak Auto notified Ana Mae of her situation, quoted the cost of the repair and after her approval proceeded to fix her Volkswagen Tiguan. Peak Auto’s technician cleaned the spilled oil during the repair, the detail department thoroughly cleaned and washed Ana Mae’s VW Tiguan, and the vehicle was ready for pickup sooner than promised. Both Ana Mae and her husband were overjoyed with the service, treatment and especially the sparkling clean delivered vehicle. Check out Ana Mae’s Five Star Google Review!

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