BMW is also known as the “ultimate driving machine.” This car brand lives by its name because it produces high-performance and highly efficient vehicles that ensure the driver gets an ultimate driving experience. These luxury automobiles are recognized for their great comfort and convenience, so hearing an awful clicking noise while driving may be very annoying.

As a car owner, you should be aware that certain vehicles, particularly older BMW models, are prone to clicking noise due to a typical defect in the “hydraulic valve lifter.” What does this mean? In this article, we’ll go through the functions of a lifter and the reasons why it clicks. Then, we’ll offer some expert advice on how to finally resolve this annoying problem.

What is a BMW Lifter?

The ticking sounds you may hear are caused by the hydraulic valve lifter, commonly known as a lifter. The lifter is a cylinder whose primary function is to keep your high-performance engine operating quietly. Is it not ironic, though, that when this portion fails, it creates an uncontrollable clicking noise?

This clicking is frequently produced by normal wear on the connected parts. One of the easiest ways to prevent a lifter tick noise is to ensure your BMW is serviced on a regular basis by a skilled technician to avoid further issues. Sometimes, even with regular maintenance, car owners might still experience the dreaded clicking noise at some point. Besides the typical wear and tear that comes with usage over a long period, the more mileage you have, the more probable it is to have a lifter tick noise, even though your BMW is not considered old.

Causes of BMW Lifter Ticking

Although lifter ticking may arise even in well-serviced BMWs, frequent maintenance by a trained technician can assist in reducing this and any other faults. As previously stated, components age and wear out with time and miles. In addition to age, particles accumulating in the engine might make the hydraulic valve lifter suddenly begin ticking. To keep sludge and dirt from accumulating in the engine, get your fluids replaced on a regular basis.

A chilly environment is another potential source of a lifter ticking problem. When the metals in your BMW are repeatedly exposed to very cold temperatures, it naturally begins to contract. This implies that the automobile must work more to complete tasks than it does in warm conditions. The extra wear on your BMW might be a result of freezing conditions, and it can result in premature lifter ticking.

The most prevalent cause of a lifter ticking problem is a lack of lubrication in the lifter itself. This implies that the metal pieces rub against each other, causing friction, which subsequently wears down those parts at an exponential pace. Inexperienced technicians frequently overlook this!

Because this is a result of design errors on older car models, BMW has urged BMW owners who have lifter ticking to get new cylinder heads with the upgraded design so their lifter will be properly lubricated. It is critical to have a BMW expert that is skilled and experienced in order to provide you with the finest servicing possible for your vehicle.

Finally, the ticking might be caused by a loose bolt or some minor damaged element in the hydraulic valve lifter assembly. Again, these components just deteriorate and fail over time. Fortunately, a qualified professional will be able to swiftly and efficiently resolve these issues for you. Although newer BMW vehicles are less prone to this issue, it still exists.

How Peak Auto Can Help

A BMW lifter noise is a very annoying BMW Engine Inspection issue in BMWs; although this issue might not necessarily mean that your car is faulty, it’s still a sign that you need to keep up with your maintenance.

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