When it comes to a car as reliable as a Volvo, it might come as a surprise when your vehicle begins to overheat. Unfortunately, all cars can end up overheating at one point or another during their lifetime of being on the road. While overheating is fairly common, it can still be very worrisome for the car owner.

Thankfully, Peak Auto is there to help with your overheating Volvo by offering its customers both great service and helpful friendly advice. Whether you reside in or around Apex, NC, Peak Auto is here for your Volvo needs.

Reasons for a Vehicle Overheating

It is understandable that any car owner would be worried when their car begins to overheat. In order to ease some of the stress that this may cause, it is important to understand the various reasons that your car could be overheating. Some of them include:

  • You are out of coolant: If you are driving your Volvo around with too little coolant in your car or even no coolant at all, this could cause a total coolant system failure. If your coolant system fails, your car will have no way of cooling itself down and therefore begin to excessively overheat. Make sure to check all coolant hoses to see your coolant is low due to a leak, and don’t forget to top off your coolant every so often.
  • Your car has a broken or damaged water pump: If your Volvo has a broken or damaged water pump, this could mean that water is not properly flowing throughout the necessary parts of your car. When the water can’t reach the places where it needs to go, your car is likely to overheat.
  • The oil in your car is low: When the oil in your car is low, there is nothing available to lubricate your engine or transmission. If the engine, transmission, and inner workings of your car are not lubricated with the right amount of oil, they begin to rub metal on metal. This will cause your car to overheat and even creates a risk of fire.
  • Your vehicle is experiencing failure of its thermostat: If your car’s thermostat is failing, the rest of your vehicle won’t be able to keep track of its temperature. This creates a higher chance that your car can overheat.
  • The heater core is plugged or backed up: Your car’s heater core is essentially like a small radiator that exists within your car. Just like a regular radiator, it needs to release heat. If your heater core is plugged or backed up with dirt or debris, it is likely to get too hot and cause your whole system to overheat.

Ways to Keep Your Car from Overheating

When your Volvo starts to overheat, the best thing that you can do is to pull over in a safe location and allow the engine to cool down for 30 minutes. This will prevent your car from sustaining any real damage and will help you avoid additional repair expenses.

There are also a myriad of things that you can do on a regular basis to ensure that your car does not overheat. They are:

  • refill your vehicle’s coolant when it gets low
  • keep your water levels high at all times
  • get regular inspections done at a reputable automotive shop
  • check for leaks or stains underneath your car
  • get your oil changed on time

Peak Auto Can Help Your Volvo

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